How to Become a Customer Service Expert

frontlineIf you want to set yourself apart from your competition the best way to do that is by becoming an expert in customer service. You might think you already know everything there is to know about giving excellent customer service, but there’s more to it than a friendly face and a good attitude. These tips will give you an advantage over your competition because they are client centered.

Ultimately your goal should be to meet and try to exceed the expectations of the client. You can ask every client individually what is most important to them, but this is time consuming and not every client wants the same thing. You can try to keep track of all your different clients’ needs and expectations, but this will be a difficult task if you have many clients.

It’s smarter and more economical to anticipate the needs of your client rather than guess or ask them. Your clients shouldn’t have to tell you how to make them happy, you should know how to make them happy. In order to maintain good customer service you should be able to define it by how you perform it. You can do this in five easy steps.

1)You customer service should be quick. Time is money and your client needs their product from you as quickly as they can get it. If your product is delayed it may wind up costing your client money for every day the product is late. Your ability to be prompt and fast will reward you with repeat business. Being late will cause headaches and possibly losing your customer.

2)How affordable id your product. Although there are bargain hunters even in the business world, the client wants to know if the overall value of the product is worth their money. If they go too cheap will it wind up costing more money than if they had spent more for a quality product in the first place? Customers want value for their money, so show them the value in your product.

3)Get it right. Don’t make promises you can’t deliver because the client will find out soon enough exactly what it is they have bought from you. Your customers should expect to get quality, reliability and functionality out of the products they purchased from you. If they can’t then there will be no repeat business. A flawed product that has to be repaired or services that don;t live up to expectations are not acceptable no matter how cheap they were.

4)Make your product or service convenient for your clients. If there is a steep learning curve, or the information or product is too complicated this will wind up costing your client precious time they may not have. Always make sure that your clients are fully informed and that you yourself are available to them should they need your help with anything. There is nothing more frustrating than waiting around for help while being sent from one employee to another.

5)Make a statement to the customer that they are important to you by giving them personalized service and attention. There is value in customization, it can be as simple as sending them a card, a fruit basket, something that says thank you and your valued. People love validation, they want to be heard and acknowledged. Your products and services may not be customized for you clients, but you can be. Make sure that you are individualizing the sales experience with your clients, they’ll love it and will be more willing to pay more for a product or service if it comes with special details and attention.

Make sure your using the five points of customer service; Quick, Affordable, Right, Convenient, and Personalized will make your customers appreciate what your selling and who’s selling it to them. Remember your customer can find what they’re looking for somewhere else if they’re not happy. Use these tips and you’ll make your clients happy and yourself.