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Perhaps you’ve hired the perfect candidate for a position in your company. They are a self-motivated team player who is ambitious and eager to learn from their experience with your organization. Or, maybe a promising individual isn’t performing as expected and you need to understand what is wrong. In either situation, The Devine Inventory™ can instantly tell you how to enhance your employee’s strengths and how best to improve his or her weaknesses. This in-depth report uses The Devine Inventory behavioral assessment to determine which areas should be focused on to improve an individual’s performance in a specific position.


The Devine Inventory™ is a useful tool for hiring managers who want to ensure their employees continue to adapt and grow within their positions. The report format is flexible enough that it can be utilized for CEOs as well as for entry-level workers. The differences lie in the behavioral requirements for each position. The Devine Inventory™ instantly compares the job requirements to the findings generated from the Inventory taken by each employee.


How The Devine Inventory™ Works

Using the comparisons, this comprehensive report supplies narratives that highlight:

1) well-developed strengths

2) satisfactory strengths

3) areas that need development


The Devine Inventory™ also generates charts for at-a-glance determination of an employee’s suitability for specific jobs. Personalized growth tips aid hiring managers with future training and performance improvement plans. An individual can then work with the hiring manager, knowing her strengths are recognized, appreciated and needed. The employee becomes a top performer who wants to grow with you and your company and be as productive as possible by improving upon her weaknesses and utilizing her strengths.


The Devine Inventory™ Overview

A report generated by The Devine Inventory™ online assessment, helps ensure that employees hired for specific roles continually improve and grow within those roles. This is accomplished by comparing their behavioral tendencies and competencies with those of your organization’s top performers. The Inventory is secure, fully functional, customizable, user-intuitive and completely Web-enabled, allowing an employee or job candidate to take the Inventory any time from any location with internet access.


How The Devine Inventory™ Works

  1. Existing and potential employees log in and complete online, typically taking no more than 25 minutes.
  2. The Inventory™ instantly processes the results and records each participant’s unique profile, notifying you via e-mail of the completed assessment.
  3. At the same time, each participant’s profile is compared with the pre-defined Success Profile, or requirements of the position for which each participant is applying.








CoreCheck™ – a customized selection report used for fast, large-scale applicant screening. This report contains specific job behaviors determined to be critical to success, based on a validation study of a large number of incumbents.  It takes the applicant about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.  Also included in the report is an Optimize cutoff score/range and targeted interview questions.



 CoreCoach – is written for the direct supervisor or coach of the employee in order to facilitate the coaching process for behavioral development.  It contains complete Devine Inventory results with graphical presentation of 33 behavioral dimensions and percentile scoring of 12 behavioral competency areas.  The report details the degree to which the results match the Job Success Profile.  Coaching tips are provided for each behavior.



CoreDevelop™ – is used to assess employee behavioral and competency strengths and development needs.  This report contains complete Devine Inventory results with graphical presentation of 33 behavioral dimensions and percentile scoring of 12 behavioral competency areas.  The report details the degree to which an employee’s results match the Job Success Profile.  Narratives are provided for behavioral “well developed strengths” or “needs development” results.  A tool is also included for the employee to construct a Growth and Development Plan utilizing tips or suggestions specific to the behaviors needing development.  



CoreSelect – is a comprehensive selection report containing graphical presentation of Devine’s 33 behavioral dimensions and percentile scoring of 12 competencies.  The report details the degree to which the candidate’s results match the Job Success Profile.  For needs development and marginal behavior scores, targeted behavioral interview questions are suggested as probes to root causes and to determine the risk associated with gaps between the candidate’s scores and the desired Success Profile.



Basic Math and Reading Test – is used in the non-exempt hiring process to make sure potential hires have the necessary skills to do the job right.  The Devine Group’s Math and Reading Test will provide objective, measurable data regarding each person’s skill level.



Coaching Feedback to Individual – is supplied by specialists certified in Devine Inventory interpretation.  The sessions are delivered either by phone or in person and typically last from 30 – 45 minutes.  They are designed to review critical aspects of the report, highlighting capabilities and impediments in relationship to the Job Success Profile. The Growth and Development Plan in the report is reviewed with the employee.



Core360Ò – provides clients with a complete and confidential view of an employee’s ratings on the 12 behavioral competencies, allowing employees to discover how they view themselves compared to how others view them, their skills and abilities. After an employee takes a self assessment, others are asked to rate the individual based on their perceptions about him or her. The ratings are aggregated by category (peers, supervisors, subordinates) and a report is generated, providing insight into how well the subject knows their strengths and needs compared to all others who completed the Core360 on them.  Individual rater scores are kept confidential. The Core360 report includes suggestions for helping individuals interpret the findings.



CorePlus Engagement Survey – provides leaders with invaluable insight about employees’ feelings and attitudes, and also gives workers an opportunity to anonymously offer their opinions about work life.  Research shows that maintaining engaged and committed employees leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty.  The CorePlus Engagement Survey is an indispensable assessment tool that will help uncover your organization’s strengths and hidden vulnerabilities, which can then be systematically applied to increase employee engagement and organizational effectiveness.



Critical Thinking Inventory (CTI™) – presents candidates with various types of information and requires them to determine which of several plausible conclusions is correct. However, unlike some instruments that use abstract and general information, the CTI uses job-related, business-oriented language and examples for its content.  It was developed to measure a person’s ability to examine data, analyze a situation, evaluate information and reach well-reasoned conclusions.



Global Work Styles Inventory (GWSI™) – is a proven solution for assessing the personality and behavioral aspects of your professional and/or managerial candidates or employees.  As our foremost product for selection and development, the GWSI is a competency-based tool that will help you create a staff with a high success potential and compatibility with your company culture.  Using the GWSI will enable you to assign roles appropriately within your company culture, essentially allowing you to design your “Dream Team.”



Online Exit Interview – can help solve your employee retention problems by providing clear, concise and actionable management information regarding why individuals leave your company.  Results provide a list of direct decision factors for leaving the job with the relative amount of weight associated with each factor to flesh out the full picture.  Content of interview questions can be tailored to each organization.



Verbal Feedback to Hiring Manager – is supplied by specialists certified in Devine Inventory interpretation.  These sessions are delivered either by phone or in person and typically last 20-25 minutes.  They are designed to walk the Hiring Manager through a candidate(s)’ results, The feedback summarizes the candidate(s)’ strengths and needs compared to the Job Success Profile, identifying gaps and potential risk areas that will require development if candidate is hired.



Workforce Effectiveness IndexÒ(WEI) – is a targeted, short, robust selection report used for large scale hourly applicant screening.  The WEI assessment encompasses four critical needs that most companies face.  The two Productivity Factors measured are Work Ethic / Dependability and Customer Service Quality, and the two Risk Factors measured are



Counter-Productive Behavior and Turnover.  A concise WEI hiring report is generated inclusive of an overall success potential recommendation.  The report also provides an interview guide for the hiring manager in each competency area inclusive of targeted behavioral questions, descriptive statements of effective and ineffective behaviors, rating scale and a section for notes.





CoreCulture – delivers aggregate group Devine Inventory results for unlimited size groups in a detailed yet anonymous format suitable for group presentation and discussion.  It provides a graphical presentation summarizing the group’s scores in 33 behaviors and percentile scoring of 12 competencies.  It also contains detailed competency breakouts showing the behavioral scores which impact the competency scores. This report offers powerful insight into group culture, identifying strengths to leverage and development opportunities to increase performance.


CoreTeam Benchmark – compares the Devine Inventory results of top performers in a position against the results of other performers in the same position.  The analysis determines the critical behaviors and competencies which differentiate top performance and builds these results into a Success Profile for the position.  The resulting Success Profile is then used for hiring future top performers and identifying developmental needs for the other employees in the job.


CoreTeam™ Report – delivers the group Devine Inventory results in a side-by-side graphical presentation of 33 behaviors and 12 competencies for team members and the leader.  It shows the impact of employees upon the group and highlights both group and individual strengths and development needs.   Insights gained from the data are excellent for team and team leader development as well as alignment of team capabilities to performance requirements.


CoreTeam™ Sub-Report – report features are the same as listed above but for a department, work group or subset of the entire group tested.




Devine Inventory Job Template – used in our behavior detail style reports.  Templates are based on prioritizing key behaviors and setting ranges of behavioral strength that are most predictive of successful performance, as determined by predictive modeling studies and/or analyses from subject matter experts for each position.  These job success standards are displayed in each report along with the individual’s scores.


 Job Modeling (JRS) – allows organizations to create custom competency models using subject matter experts (SMEs). Each SME answers a series of questions in addition to rating the importance of those factors.  Decision makers then take the results and prioritize the most critical competencies.  A list of 8-10 competencies most relevant to the job or job family are then added to the organization’s hiring and/or development reports (i.e. GWSI reports).


Standard Job Models – for organizations desiring a simpler model, Devine has a library of standard competency sets that can be used to measure most common jobs (sales, operations, technical roles, managers, leaders, customer service, line employees, etc.) based on research and experience in various industries.  Used for DI or GWSI reports.
gap analysis

Sandler Training in Lone Tree, Colorado has just announced the integration of a new Sandler assessment called the Team Assessment Tool or Gap Analysis Tool as it is also known.

The Sandler Team Assessment Tool is a unique online survey that helps companies identify the gaps in specific skill sets with actual competency levels andeffectiveness for those skills that are necessary to be productive in their one’s role.

The Sandler Team Assessment Tool can be used to measure both the importance and effectiveness of identified skills for a local or regional sales team or an entire organization. The assessment can leveraged with companies of any size and any stage in the sales or sales training process.

“We are so happy to be able to offer our clients and prospects this powerful tool” said Lone Tree based Sandler Training President and CEO Chuck Terry. Mr. Terry added “Understanding where the gaps are from a developmental standpoint is mission critical information for any sales leader but understanding the gaps between actual and perceived performance at the sales management level really provides powerful, actionable data.”


Please call us at 303-734-7161 for more information or click here to be contacted with more information.




Individual Assessments are self-assessments that identify the strengths and development areas of an

individual. What makes Extended DISC® different from other assessments is that it is able to measure

the hard-wired behaviors to exclude the impact of the environment.

In practice this means that the results show who the individual actually is and not what the person

thinks he/she needs to be in the existing environment. As a result, the report identifies the true

strengths and development areas to allow for real performance improvement.

What Individual Assessments are available?

Extended DISC® Individual Assessments have several options available to ensure you have the

information you need: