Presentation Guide



At some time in your career you’ll have to give an important speech or present a proposal. Following are three techniques for giving an efficient presentation.


First, create an outline for your presentation. This outline is the bones of your speech. It is the opening message, ideas you wish to express, and the conclusion or wrap up of ideas from your proposal. Also, knowing in advance what you will be speaking on and where you want to go with your presentation makes it easier to choose only pertinent information to your topic.


Secondly, when you are writing your speech make sure that the introduction includes the purpose or reason for speaking. This will determine the goals you target, the approach you take and the materials and content you will select to communicate to the audience. Also include in your introduction the main points that you will be discussing in your presentation. This prepares the audience for the information that you will be going over in detail.


Thirdly, when choosing topics to cover, make sure to choose only between three and five main topics. The reasons being that most people can only remember no more than five  central ideas at a time, more than five ideas in your presentation may make you seem lost, and failure to identify your main points leaves you open to forgetting important ideas you need to express.


By using these techniques you have a greater chance for success of your ideas being accepted by your audience, and for your message to stick with them if it’s easy for them to remember.




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