Social Media Marketing

ID-100113751Did you know that roughly 1.2 billion people world wide use social media. Most likely you have a private Facebook page, or a Twitter account, but do you have business account on these social media sites? In today’s marketing you need to have these tools in order to be successful and reach your clients. However, like all things in life there are rules to using these tools for your business strategy.


The most important thing to remember about social media is there will always be a permanent record of what you post available for clients, managers and everyone else in the world to see and read. That is why when you use these tools you must always separate your personal profile from your professional one. Furthermore, you must make sure that the content you post on these sites, whether it’s pictures or typed content, must be reflective of your business. And remember, the people who follow you on Twitter and Facebook choose to follow you, and if they feel like they are being spammed, they can just as easily choose not to follow you.


Your posts should be engaging, asking your followers for input. Posting an interesting and relevant article is also a way of shaking things up so you don’t come across as all business and no fun. Don’t be afraid to interact with your followers, if they contact you or post something interesting to you let them know by commenting on what they’ve posted, or re-tweet it in Twitter. This lets your followers know that you are interested in them, it’s investing in your relationship with them, which will ultimately pay off for you.


You may be wondering how often you should be posting to these sites, and if you follow certain industry leaders you will see that they are on there everyday, posting multiple times a day. Now you don’t have to be prolific writing more often than you have time for, but you should definitely let your followers know that your social media presence has a pulse. And as stated above, it is the networking and relationships you build on these sites that will help build customers and clients.


If you are new to all this social media business, get your feet wet by starting a personal page, get used to the feel of the sites and how they are used. Once you have it figured out, then you can feel comfortable and confident starting a business account using Twitter or Facebook, or another social media site. Just don’t let social media be the total concentration of your efforts, or you will forget to interact in real time.